New Review for Blame It on the Night!

Thanks, Book Addicts! Here’s some highlights from the review by BA Cid:

“Things I liked about the book? It was both exciting and sexy. A lot of erotic romances like this have a little bit of action tossed in around the sex. Not this book! There’s action, from fights to murders to the mystery and all the odd places Guy and Olivia end up at. There’s always something going on, and I loved that. The mystery elements of it were so good. Usually I can figure out who did it a third of the way through the book, but this time I maybe figured it out a page ahead of when the lovely author clued the reader in. It was frustrating and fantastic! This is of course a situation where frustrating your reader is a good thing. Wanting to know who the murderer was and what would happen next kept me really involved.

“This is a follow up to a previous book. I read this one without having read it, so I can say that the book stands on it’s own and reading Blame it on the Moon isn’t necessary. That said, I really liked the characters that were brought over from that book. The continuation of Kitty and Haden’s story was touching and sweet. I highly doubt that their book was a ‘sweet’ book, but you see this couple together and continuing their lives together. I really liked them…

“If graphic violence and lots of sex don’t bother you, this is a book for you that you’ll enjoy and probably reread because the plot is so great and the mystery is that compelling.”

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